A new kind of pharmaceutical company delivering asset centricity at scale.

About us.

The Imperative for Change

The large R&D organizational model presents challenges for advancing medicines to patients. These include an abundance of centralized functions, a top-down operating model, and busi-ness decision making that may not be exclusively data driven. Collectively, these challenges can result in prolonged timelines, increased costs, and reduced chances for delivering medi-cines to patients. A change in R&D logic is necessary to address these inefficiencies.

Asset Centricity: A Prescription for Change

The asset centric model offers a unique R&D logic that has been applied by single asset companies to improve productivity. This operating model has minimal centralized infrastructure, reduced hierarchy, and exclusive focus on data driven capital allocation. Teams are uniquely incentivized to expeditiously interrogate key scientific hypotheses. Over time, we believe the asset centric model can lead to improved success rates for programs with greater speed and modest costs.

Asset Centricity at Scale: The Birth of Centessa Pharmaceuticals

Centessa Pharmaceuticals aims to improve R&D productivity by scaling the asset centric model of a smaller company to that of a larger enterprise. In doing so, Centessa represents a new kind of pharmaceutical company that operates in a bottom-up organizational structure with a deconstructed R&D environment that prioritizes data driven decision making led by subject matter experts. At its inception, Centessa consists of 10 subsidiary companies advancing a portfolio of high conviction programs with strong biological validation.

We aim to develop and deliver practice changing medicines to patients with greater efficiency by applying a precedented asset centric model at scale.